Image Name Label Team
BethTDTCW Beth The Wannabe The Killer Piranhas
BridgetteTDTCW Bridgette The Surfer Chick The Screaming Mooses
CodyTDTCW Cody The Geeky Chick Magnet The Screaming Mooses
CourtneyTDTCW Courtney The Type A The Screaming Mooses
DJTDTCW DJ The Gentle Giant The Screaming Mooses
DuncanTDTCW Duncan The Delinquent The Screaming Mooses
EvaTDTCW Eva The Female Bully The Killer Piranhas
EzekielTDTCW Ezekiel The Homeschooled Guy The Screaming Mooses
GeoffTDTCW Geoff The Life Of The Party The Screaming Mooses
GwenTDTCW Gwen The Loner None
HaroldTDTCW Harold The Uber-Nerd The Killer Piranhas
HeatherTDTCW Heather The Queen Bee The Killer Piranhas
IzzyTDTCW Izzy The Psycho The Killer Piranhas
JustinTDTCW Justin The Jaw-Dropper None
KatieTDTCW Katie The Skinny Sweetheart The Screaming Mooses
LeshawnaTDTCW Leshawna The Ghetto Sista The Screaming Mooses
LindsayTDTCW Lindsay The Dumb Blonde The Killer Piranhas
NoahTDTCW Noah The Sarcastic Know-It-All The Killer Piranhas
OwenTDTCW Owen The Big Bundle Of Joy The Killer Piranhas
SadieTDTCW Sadie The Large Sweetheart The Screaming Mooses
TrentTDTCW Trent The Kind-Hearted Musician The Killer Piranhas
TylerTDTCW Tyler The Sport Nut Who Sucks At Sports The Killer Piranhas