This story is the first story for Suta's HOTD canon. May be gore-filled.


The Pain. THE PAIN. All I could do was stand, as I watched eveyone crumble. Family, friends and foes....all struck down by...THEM. The skin of Mindy, being thrown across the courtyard. The guts of Dennis, splattered across the windscreen. And the sound of Nigel's bones , crunching, as we run for freedom. No way out. The only way of survival is....Death.

The sounds of footsteps echo off the wooden stairs. Frantic yelps are heard, bellowing off the fairly old walls. The first one to step off the stairs was a bulky, well-dressed male that had shaggy brown hair, Dark green eyes and black-rimmed glasses. Next, was a slim, blonde haired girl, who had boobs the size of big balloons, and big, sparkly, blue eyes. After her, was a slightly chubby girl, who had slick, black hair, that was tied up into a ponytail, and she had dark brown eyes. Finally, a short, albino boy stumbled behind the group, as they ran away from what appeared to be a group of students.

"Run!"The male with the brown hair yelled, has they rushed through the schools halls. The groaning from behind them was a loud, but chilling moan, that could make you're spine shiver severely. "I getting tired, Brandon!"The chubby girl said, as sweat bounced off her face. "We need to make it, Lacey!"The albino boy screamed as they jumped out of the window, that led to the swimming pool. "Dive!"Brandon screeches, as they all dive at the same time. "Ugh! I broke a nai!" The blonde girl says, looking at her nails. "This is no time to be looking at your nails, Cynthia!"Lacey says, as they all jumped out of the pool, "They" started to fall into the water, making them drown.

"We need to get out..."The albino boy says, as they start running away. "We will, Gray....We will...."Brandon says, as the four of them stare of into the distance. DEATH COMES TO ALL.