Scarlet (England)
The Girls
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDE: TBA"
Place TDE: TBA
Relationship TBA
Family Brother.
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA

Scarlet is labeled The Cherokee Pacifist on Total Drama England.


Scarlet grew up in Oklahoma and is of Indian descent, making her a Cherokee. She grew up with her brother in a orphanage since her parents were shot dead in a heated protest in the city ten years prior. Nobody was charged with their deaths although it was a police officer who did it. She and her brother were left devastated and with no family members alive, they were sent there. That's why in present day, Scarlet is a pacifist and an avid peaceful protester against all types of violence.

Scarlet joined Total Drama so that she can forget all about everything for a while, kick back and relax.

Audition TapeEdit

The camera opens up onto a young tanned teen sitting on the floor, "Hi, I'm Scarlet! Its great to have a chance to audition for such an iconic show. I am honored to have this opportunity."

She gets to her feet, walks towards the camera and changes its position, "Well if you could pick me, it'd be a dream come true. Seriously I hardly get out of the orphanage and the only time I do is for protests. Its under strict security here, like a prison! I need to get out, and with your help it'd be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me..." The camera then turns to static.


  • Scarlet's image was drawn by Bruno!