Reef (England)
The Boys
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDE: TBA"
Place TDE: TBA
Relationship TBA
Family Mother, Father, Brother.
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA

Reef is labeled The Surfing Obsessed on Total Drama England


Reef grew up on the coastline of a small village on the beach in a averagely sized surf shack. His father who also grew up in the same place was made to carry on the family business which was as simple as selling people surfboards, deck chairs and sun loungers, literally. Although Reef gained the obsession of surfing over the years he never really wanted to stay in the same place to run the boring ol' family business. Which is why he signed up for Total Drama.

Reef signed up for Total Drama so that he can claim the money to move away from the dated little fishing town he's left captive in.

Audtition TapeEdit

The camera opens up to a tanned teen wearing a gold vest and grey shorts. Before he begins to talk, the sound of the waves crashing down onto the yellow sands and the siren of the seagulls is heard in the background, "Hi. I'm Reef but my real name is Dale, which I absolutely hate"

He grabs the camera and his surfboard, and spins the camera round to the bright orange and yellow sunset in the horizon, "Beautiful isn't it? But this is all I see plus water and sand. That's why I need to be picked, although I love the place I need to get out of it! Please pick me for the newest season, you won't be disappointed" The camera cuts to static.


  • His image was drawn by Bruno!
  • He reveals his real name, which is Dale.