Harley (Wonderland)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 31st October 1994
Hometown San Jose, California
Occupation Word Artist


Team The Red Team
Placement TBA
Challenge(s) Won TBA
Days(s) Lasted TBA

Harley is a contestant on the newest installment of Total Drama, Wonderland. He is on the Red Team.


Name (Age): Harley Janeffson (19)
Team Designation: The Red Team
Current Residence: San Jose, California.
Occupation: Word Artist
Personal Claim to Fame: My talent and job, I go around schools expressing myself through words. Plus my sarcastic quality.
Inspiration in Life: I don't really have one, but if I had to choose it'd be myself. I'm my own hero!
Hobbies: Writing, Speaking.
Pet Peeves: Not much annoys me to be honest so I don't have a Pet Peeve.
3 Words to Describe You: Expressive, Passionate, Sarcastic.
Reason For Being on Wonderland: I wanted the opportunity and experience to help me out in my artistry. I run out of ideas very easily!
Why You Think You'll Win: I'm passionate about what I do. My job, hobbies and everything I participate in I give it 110%.