Frankie (Wonderland)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 15th February 1997
Hometown Miami, Florida
Occupation Professional Gamer


Team The Blue Team
Placement TBA
Challenge(s) Won TBA
Days(s) Lasted TBA

Frankie is a contestant on the newest installment of Total Drama, Wonderland. He is on the Blue Team.


Name (Age): Frankie Maynard (16)
Team Designation: The Blue Team
Current Residence: Miami, Florida
Occupation: Professional Gamer
Personal Claim to Fame: Smashing all records set on all online game modes of Halo!
Inspiration in Life: Celeste Anderson, she's an awesome professional gamer and she loves Halo too. Plus she was a contestant on a reality show and won! Proves gamers are pros!
Hobbies: Gaming
Pet Peeves: Noobs on games who betray you for no apparent reason, then when you do it back you get kicked from the game... Anyone relate?
3 Words to Describe You: Pro, Anti-Social, Troll
Reason For Being on Wonderland: Wanted to see if I can win a competition TV show like my idol.
Why You Think You'll Win: I'm a pro, enough said!