Esther (England)
The Girls
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "TDE: TBA"
Place TDE: TBA
Relationship TBA
Family Mother, Father.
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA

Esther is labeled The Bubbly Brit on Total Drama England


Esther grew up in the capital city of England, London. But as the stereotypes that hang around the "Londoner", Esther is not stuck up or rich like what people think all brits are. Instead Esther is a normal, average person who is proud to be English. In secondary school, Esther is one of the outcasts in Sixth Form where she has her own social cliques and thats it, although she's very sociable she doesn't really like mixing with the backstabbing b****es that are classed as the popular ones. She started college last year and this year is her leap year which she has taken so that she can travel the world, mainly Canada.

She signed up for Total Drama because she believes that it'd be the best way to end her leap year before heading back to good ol' England.

Audition TapeEdit

The camera opens up on a blonde haired girl with blue eyes and wearing a huge union jack shirt, "Hi, I'm Esther! This is so exciting that I'm actually signing up for a competition tv show, but anyways. I think I'll be an awesome edition to the cast of the newest season since I think I'm really down to Earth, bubbly, a little patriotic and competitive, some of the main things that'd be useful in a competition for a million big ones, except patriotic that is..." She climbs to her feet and walks towards the door of the bus, in which she was on and then climbs off.

"Wow that was so awkward people were staring at me cause I was talking to myself or the fact I'm British. I don't even know. But anyway please put me in the show, It'd be the greatest finale to an amazing leap year if you do!! Peace out..." The camera cuts to static.


  • Her image was drawn by Bruno!
  • There is a lot of English terms used in her biography since she is British.